We take care of all their day-to-day needs…both large and small…so that the parents of even small children who are being weaned can enjoy a pleasant, stress-free holiday.  
We have created a special baby room with a kitchen that you can use at any time of the day to prepare baby food or heat up milk.  

The baby room has everything you need for our little guests: 

  •  Vegetable broth or pureed vegetables (without salt or onion), prepared every day and suitable for children who are moving on to solids.  
  • Small pasta with extra virgin olive oil, parmesan, cheese, fruit, yogurt, honey, biscuits, etc ...
  • High chairs, colourful placemats, baby plates and cutlery. 
  • A bottle warmer, refrigerator, microwave, sterilizer

And, if you’ve forgotten it, we even have pushchairs! (Limited number)

Seafront facing rooms with communicating doors, which are particularly suitable for large families, are available on request.

Our small guests also have:

  • cots, baby beds, cot sides and nightlights  
  • High chairs, table games and colours, baby plates and cutlery..
  • Bicycles with front and back child seats.
  • On the beach, a play area in front of the hotel and a baby sitting service offered by the consortium beaches.
  • A pharmacy nearby (just 50 m from the hotel).
  • A corner of our terrace equipped with games and slides.